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Your Life Is Beautiful. Let Us Tell Your Stories With Epic Photos.
Your Style. Your Photos.

Thank you for taking the to visit our website, we hope it helps you decide if you want to come in and meet with us. Although it’s hard to guess where each inquiry will come from, every day calls come in and we are very grateful for your support. We get to do what we love while capturing photos of couples who are in love and that is what we are passionate about. We never cease to feel blessed that couples pay us to do what we love. It’s hard to explain how appreciative we are that our occupation involves showing couples and families how important and how epic their lives really are. Each week we have the opportunity to capture the magic moments that make life meaningful. It’s exciting to us that we are creating gifts that will actually be a part of your family’s history for generations to come. When it all comes down it, we specialize in taking photos of life’s special moments that look like they belong in a magazine. Our goal is to showcase you and all the nuances of your personality that your friends and family love.

Why Is Epic Tulsa Wedding Photography Oklahoma’s Best Wedding Service Provider? At Epic, we have custom-tailored nearly every aspect of our service to accomodate the unique needs of the brides and grooms that we work with. Over the years, we have systematically invested time to hear from thousands of couples and to REALLY LISTEN to their preferences, desires and overall feedback.


And What Has Our Research Shown Us?

  • You want customization – As a woman (or a seriously dedicated man who is helping to plan the wedding) you are well aware of how discerning you are. You have your own vision for how the wedding photos should look. Many brides tell us that they have spent hours scouring the internet looking at tons if wedding photos just to get “ideas” for the big day. By this point you probably have some specific shots that you want, and some particular editing styles that you want to avoid. At Epic, we are prepared to offer sit down with you, to show you different images and to work together to really discover what you want and don’t want out of your Tulsa wedding photographer.
  • You want experience on your side – Our leadership team has recognized by the Journal Record as being “One of Oklahoma’s Fastest Growing Companies,” and we’ve been named to the Knot.com’s “Best of Weddings” honor roll in the category of wedding photography. Having been in the industry since 1999, we have worked with thousands of girls on their big day and we have found that nearly 100% of the time the bride is nervous about something. She might be nervous about remembering her vow, or making sure that she says hello to everyone, the details of the decoration or just incredible enormity of the situation. Regardless of the reason, we know you’ll probably be nervous on the day of your wedding and the last thing you want to be worrying about is the overall professionalism of the photographer. You’ll find at Epic, all of our photographers are warm, upbeat and outgoing people who are committed to making your wedding photography experience the best it can be.
  • You want to work with professionals who offer convenient service and a reasonable turn-around time – At Epic, our customer service and editing team is available from 10 – 6 PM (Monday – Friday), for the convenience of our brides. If you need something, just give us a call. We realize that for some reason in the Tulsa wedding photography industry (and in other markets), most photography studios are closed on Monday and most wedding photos taken 6 months to get back to the bride. We are constantly asked by brides if we take 6 months to get the wedding photos back to them. It seems like everyone knows somebody who hired a wedding photographer that took 6 months or a year to edit and get their wedding photos back to them. That’s crazy.
  • You want a style of photography that reflects your personal sense of style – At Epic we let you choose what style of editing you want and what overall style of photography you like. Our style is your style. Every weekend we have the opportunity to work with brides all over the country and we continue to be amazed by how many personal style preferences are out there. We’ve worked with super-fashionable couples who focus on style and class. We’ve worked with urban and artistic couples who want to focus on having an eco-friendly wedding in a setting that represents the minimalism they want to promote. We’ve worked with couples having their beautiful wedding in a small church who want “traditional” photography. Whether you want a photojournalistic approach or more of a classic approach, we know you want to have input in the style of photography that will be used to capture the nuances of your big day.
  • You want to try it before you buy it – We let you try it before you buy it. For some reason you can try a car before you buy it, you can try out frozen yogurt before you buy it, but you can’t try out your photographer before you buy it. On an intellectual level and from a basic marketing level, we can’t seem to wrap our minds around this. Maybe we’re just simple, but at Epic we always let you try out our services before you make a buying decision. Once you’ve conversed with one of the charming members of our team on the phone, witnessed the humor, joy and sense of style showcased by our actual photography session and witnessed the magic of the editing magazine-quality touchup process, we are confident that you’ll choose Epic.
  • You want reasonable pricing – Years ago we were at a Bridal Show and a woman came up to the booth asking what she could get for $6,000? After talking to her for a minute, we discovered that another photographer had just quoted her $6,000 for their services on the day of the wedding. Although these economics and prices might make sense if you are a single photographer who can physically only be in once place at a time, that’s just not the way we do business at Epic. At Epic we schedule back-up photographers that are ready in case of an emergency. You won’t get stuck with a hiring a $6,000 photographer who is unable to show-up when one of life’s unexpected emergencies occur. When you work with Epic, you get to benefit from our overall size. Because we are a larger company, we have the ability to do multiple events on the same day and we also do heavy amounts of commercial photography during the week. To you, this just means that we can offer you great photography at lower prices and with better customer service without the risk that we might not actually show up on the big day in the event of an emergency.